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Building a House can be a confusing experience that doesn’t always end happily. But it can also be easy – if you follow these steps in order:

Step 1: Pick a lot. A house for a small family will fit on a lot as small as 150sqm. But if your family needs a large house, a property measuring at least 300sqm is needed. More so if you plan to put-up a lawn or a garden.

Buy only from the reputable developer or if from an individual, do due diligence. Then check if the site is conveniently located near your place of work, hospital, market, school and church. Check also the availability of public transportation, water and electricity, waste disposal and security.

Find out if it floods when rain falls. Or is the terrain such that it serves as breeding-ground for mosquitoes, flies and other pests ? Is there any factor nearby that could emit harmful gas, noise or foul smell ?

Step 2: Analyze the space requirement of your family. One bedroom may be enough for a newly-married couple; but a two-children family may need three bedrooms. If you must entertain guests often, perhaps you need a large living room or lanai. Any special needs such as a small office, music room, computer room, or gym ?

Be practical. You can’t have a perfect dream house because you probably can’t afford it. Be prepared to compromise.

Step 3: Determine what budget you can afford. DOn’t buy your family a super elegant house and leave them unsheltered in other ways. List down your monthly take home pay from all sources of income, minus SSS or GSIS premiums, withholding taxes, etc. Next, subtract your family’s average monthly expenses for non-housing needs: foods, clothing, transportation, tuition fees, recreation, etc. What’s left is the income available for housing expenses.

Step 4: Choose the house model that you like. Consult an architect or search books, magazines, and the internet and pick a model that appeals to you.

Here’s a great website to get ideas:

Step 5: Go find the money. Supposed you already have your house plans, bill of materials and construction. Armed with these, you can now approach institutions like banks, pag-ibig, SSS to ask for a housing loan.

Step6: Secure a building permit. Get one from the city hall or municipio of the locality where you will build your house.

Step 7: Recruit your Builder or Contractor. Please read previous article How to Choose a Contractor

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How To Build Your Own House ? seven Basic Steps | Philippine Real Estate